With a double degree in Psychology and Media, Cert IV in Training and Assessment in the Workplace, DiSC Accreditation and a Drama teaching background, Georgia’s combined skill base has allowed her to successfully pursue training, facilitating, coaching and roleplay in the corporate environment. 

Delivering to a broad range of clients in APAC and North America, and regular live online sessions globally, Georgia is focused on helping others develop and grow within their individual learning style.

Content expertise includes skill development in - Presentation & Facilitation excellence, topics of Influence & Persuade, Negotiation, Leadership & Change Management, Storytelling, Conflict Resolution, Breaking unconscious bias, Rapport Building, Listening, Coaching, Difficult Conversations and Feedback. Georgia has worked with graduates and Junior Managers through to Senior People Leaders, and CEO’s of major organizations. 1:1 coaching through to groups of 12 to 1200

“Knew the subject matter very well. Fantastic Facilitator”

“Georgia made me feel comfortable and kept pushing to help me improve which I really appreciated”

“Georgia practiced what she preached, provided practical and relevant examples on how to present’

Senior executive team at Telstra Super, Spring St Melbourne.

“I attended the High Impact Presentations workshop organized by Georgia a few months back. She is an extremely personable and highly skilled professional coach and facilitator. She brought the class alive with her enthusiasm and energy, not to mention her thespian skills. The observations, insights and feedback that she shared have really helped me become a better storyteller and presenter. I would highly recommend her to others”

                      Ankit Rustagi - Engagement Manager at Accenture , India

Georgia is an absolute delight to work with! Not only does she have this charm that engages you from start to end, she also has a knack of making you feel heard and important - this is key to keeping your audience focused and engaged all the way. I love the positive energy she brings to a class, whether face to face or virtual. This virtual mastery is worth highlighting because we all know how tricky it can be online. Thanks so much Georgia, I have learnt much from you and hope you will continue inspiring learners all over the world!

Shuyun Kong

            People-Focused Learning & Development Professional, Singapore

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